IMG_6736 The Author

Hi there! My name is Justin and I am the author of Simple and Satisfying. I love cooking, writing, and photographing food so it seemed only natural to start a food blog.

I’m married and my wife and I have two children. I’m the main cook in our house (although my wife makes some pretty tasty stuff too). You might see her guest blogging on here sometimes!

After having kids, we realized that cooking gourmet meals with endless hard-to-find ingredients was just not working for us anymore. We like to keep things simple around here, but we never like to compromise on quality (i.e., satisfying, delicious, tasty, etc.).

The Blog

Simple and Satisfying is a food blog featuring original recipes (unless otherwise stated) that feature under 10 ingredients. This self-imposed “under 10″ rule might prove challenging, but I’m hopeful that I can come up with plenty of everyday meals that will appeal to a large audience.

Things to keep in mind…

I consider things like water, salt, pepper, or cooking oils to be essential items in a kitchen and therefore will not be figuring those into the ingredient count. So, if the ingredient list totals 11, but one of those ingredients is salt, please don’t come after me with your Santoku knife. I’m doing the best I can here!

Also, I have received no professional training, so please keep in mind that my methods may not be the “official way,” but it is what works for me and my family.

Lastly, a food blog is no place for negativity, hurtful words, or any other types of hatefulness, and I have a ZERO-TOLERANCE policy for comments that radiate these behaviors. If you have criticisms of my recipes (e.g., I accidentally wrote 1 cup of salt instead of 1 tsp) then those are definitely comments that I welcome, but if you start saying that my clam chowder is the nastiest thing you have ever had and you wish I would just die, you will most likely not see your comment on this page.

In other words, let’s keep things light and fluffy. It’s just food after all!

Thanks, and bon appétit!